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The Autocross is a closed-circuit event that puts drivers through a marked course through several twists and turns that challenges not only a vehicle's acceleration, but also it's braking and handling, as well as the driver's ability to get the vehicle through the course as quickly as possible, and without losing control.


Registration time is 10 am - 12:30.  Racing from 1 - 4 pm.  Cost is $20.  Location is in the back of the Camrose Regional Exhibition grounds.  It will happen at the same time as the non competitive 100footer.  An extra hour on the 100footer track is available for the autocross cars to try out their cars.  The pavement is better at the new location.


The track configuration was from the past.  The new location is configured differently.




NOTE: Autocross event in Camrose has been discontinued

The 2014 Results

We had a good turnout this year, with 15 participants - and we actually had spectators this time around! The results are:

  1. ​Orrin MacIntosh      Scion FRS          35.935 seconds

  2. Jon Burnstad                                        37.228 seconds

  3. Keith Bentley                                        38.845 seconds


The 2015 Results

Boooo. Only 2 people bothered to register. A bunch just appeared out of nowhere right at the advertised time. It's important to pre-register for this event so that we can assess whether or not it will be worth our volunteers time to set up the course. Not enough registrants means that we won't set up the course even if a whole slew of people do show up. It takes time to set up, make sure the course is safe and calibrate the equipment.

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