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Event Details

​​Show n Shine Event

The Show 'n Shine event happens on the first Saturday of July, on Main (50th) Street in downtown Camrose, Alberta.


Registration starts at 9am and will run until about 12:30pm.  The show will run until about 4pm.

Mainstreet Cruise

The Main Street Cruise will happen after the Show 'n Shine.  This is a fun event to watch all sorts of cars from many generations cruise up and down the main street of downtown.  The cruise should start around 5:00pm.

Drive-in Movie

The Drive-In Movie will go ahead this year.  It will be hosted at the Edgeworth center when it gets dark.  Typical start time is about 11pm.

The Show n Shine highlights can be found here.

1/8th Mile Event

The eighth mile event has been taken over by the Area 53 Raceway team and will no longer be hosted by the Camrose Cruisers.  The Forestburg Area 53 Raceway team hosts several events every year, and you can find information about their upcoming events here.

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