2018 Eighth Mile Final Results (sorta)

Class A Winner: 8.059 seconds

James Kendrick, 2001 Triumph Speed Triple

Class B Winner: 8.324 seconds

Brent Rosiechuk, 2015 Ford Mustang GT

This year we had the weather intercede with our two-day event.  The forecast for Saturday was not good, but turned out to be a pretty decent day.

Class C Winner: 9.059 seconds

Rick Wildman, 2014 Dodge Ram

Eighth Mile Drag Racing - Highlights

The weather once again hampered our first attempt at this event in June, so we made arrangements to redo the event on August 12th.  This date coincided with a few other events around the area so the turnout was fairly low, but those who did attend had a fantastic time! 

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