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100 Footer Event

NOTE: 100 Footer event in Camrose has been discontinued

This exciting event is sometimes referred to as a 100 Foot Dash. The 100 Footer is, quite simply, a marked area of pavement where we line up a car and see how fast it can get to the finish line, 100 feet away.


People often ask, "Why only 100 feet?". Because we stage the races on the street, we need to stay within the law - we can't break the speed limit. 100 feet is a short enough that we are not likely to break the speed limit. Another reason is that it is about the same distance as an intersection, which street-light racers might be familiar with.


This event brings many spectators and several participants with a wide variety of different vehicle types (e.g., anything from unmodified front wheel drive, up to alcohol fueled drag cars).


The 100 Footer Race will involve 2 cars racing side-by-side. 


Qualifying runs will now determine your vehicle class. All cars will participate in 2 qualifying runs to determine the class. The qualifying runs are not based on reaction time.


There will be 2 or 3 classes (i.e., A, B, C) based on participation and classed by speed. Elimination and finals runs will be based with reaction time. The winners cannot have a faster time than their qualifying times, to eliminate sandbagging. They will be disqualified.


Saturday May 30 -Non competitive dual lane Racing:

10am-12:30 Tech  & Registration.  Racing from1-5pm pending on participation.  This is the time for novices or friendly grudge matches.

$20/ car or racer. No passengers, helmets required. No trophies, just fun.

Sunday May 31 - Competitive Dual lane Racing

10am-12:30pm Tech & registration.  You will be allowed to leave after tech but you must be back for racing @ 1pm.  Racing will be 1-5pm.   $20/ car or racer. no passengers, helmets required. 1 trophy per class.


We bought upgrades to our timing setup for dual lane so no more jumping the light.  We also eliminated the round robin from last year which made much of the confusion. A FM transmitter is been puchased in order for racers to know when to line up.


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